10 day itinerary done – but need a little help

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    Thanks to Arno and Annika and other fellow travellers who have contributed ideas, I have done an itinerary for 10 days (from 12 Jun to 22 Jun) . However, I have some questions and would appreciate any comments/suggestions.

    Day 1: Arrive in Zurich around 8am. Travel by train to Interlaken OST via Golden Pass scenic route (longer train ride via Lucerne instead of Bern. Planning to take 1410hrs Lake Thun cruise. Stay in Wengen.

    Day 2: Wengen – Mannlichen cable car – hike to Klein Scheidegg. If weather permits, will ascend to Jungfrauhoch. If weather is not good, I need alternative plans. Stay in Wengen

    Day 3: Schyanige Platte – Lauterbrunnen – Grutschalp – Murren. Stay in Wengen

    Day 4: Lake Brienz – Brienzer Rothorn – Schilthorn. Stay in Wengen

    Day 5: Harder Kulm in the morning. Train from Wengen to Zermatt. Plan to arrive in Zermatt around 2 pm. Go up Gornegrat Bahn to see Matterhorn. Stay in Zermatt

    Day 6: Take the Matterhorn Express. Stay in Zermatt

    Day 7: Regional train to Celerina (nearly whole day travelling on train). Stay in Celerina.

    Day 8: Diavolezza & Poschiavo. Stay in Celerina.

    Day 9: Alp Languard & Muottas Muragl. Stay in Celerina

    Day 10: Train to Lucerne. Boat ride on Lake Lucerne followed up a trip up Mt Rigi. Travel back to Zurich to stay a night.

    Day 11: Depart Zurich in the morning.

    I have a few questions:

    Day 2 – if the weather is not good to ascend Jungfrau, what options do I have from Klein Scheidegg? Do I go down to Grindelwald and what is there to do? My interest is in sight-seeing and easy hiking (not too difficult as I have 8 & 10-year olds with me)? I read about a cable car to First from Grindelwald but am not sure.

    Day 3 & Day 4 – Assuming the weather is fine, is it possible to do the Schilthorn on Day 3 instead of Day 4? Would it be too much? For Day 4, will there be time after I finish the Lake Brienz and Brienzer Rothorn to do something else that is not too out of the way for a couple of hours ?

    Day 6 – If i have gone the Gornegrat Bahn on Day 5, any suggestion of what I could do on Day 6 in Zermatt? Any easy hikes?

    Would appreciate any other comments on how I could fine-tune my itinerary!


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    >if the weather is not good to ascend Jungfrau, what options do I have from Klein Scheidegg?<

    Train from KS to Grindelwald, walk through the village to the First lift on opposite side of town. This will take maybe 10 mins. There are two stops for the lift. One is at Bort, the other at First. From First there is a zip line, called the “First Flieger”. At Bort there is a large playground with the usual things plus trampolines. There are also “trotti-bikes” that you can ride down from Bort to Grindelwald. There are a number of YouTube videos of both the First Flieger and the Grindelwald/Bort trotti-bikes.

    >Assuming the weather is fine, is it possible to do the Schilthorn on Day 3 instead of Day 4? Would it be too much?<

    Too much. From Wengen to top of Schynige Platte is about 2 hours each way just for the transport.

    Brienzer Rothorn is also a long trip. When combined with a boat on Lake Brienz this is an all-day outing in and of itself.

    >Day 5: Harder Kulm in the morning. Train from Wengen to Zermatt. Plan to arrive in Zermatt around 2 pm. Go up Gornegrat Bahn to see Matterhorn. <

    Too ambitious. Round trip Wengen – Harder Kulm will take 3 hours. Wengen to Zermatt is over 3 hours. Given the number of peaks you are planning (weather willing) I think you can drop Harder Kulm.

    Consult http://www.sbb.ch for train schedules so you can better understand how long it takes to get from one piont to the next.

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    Hi geniewho,

    There’s also a round trip via the Brienzer Rothorn via postbus, cable car and steam train. That will definitelytake all day. Please see http://www.myswissalps.com/brienzerrothorn.

    More suggestions for Zermatt: http://www.myswissalps.com/zermatt/activities. You can probably fit in one of the shorter hikes, like Furi to Zermatt or Rotenboden to Riffelalp (if there’s no snow).

    Have a great trip! I may have already asked, but a trip report would be welcomed!

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    Hi Kim11

    Thanks for the advice! Will fine-tune my travel plans and take some of yoru suggestions.

    How long does a round trip up the Gornegrat Bahn take?

    Hi Annika

    Yes, hope to do a trip report too!


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    Hi geniewho,

    The timetable and the Gornergrat page provide all information you need to plan the trip. I would say that it takes at least 2.5 hours from Zermatt to go up, enjoy the view, and go back.


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    Thanks Annika!

    For my 10-day itinerary, with much help from your forum and fellow travellers, I have worked out the maths and decided that getting both the 3-day Swiss Saver Flexi pass and the Regional Bernese Oberland pass is the most cost-effective choice for me. This is because I have intensive activities in 1 region for 4 days, mostly up mountain trains and cableways, which makes the Bernese Oberland pass very good for my purpose. When I move on to other parts of Switzerland via long train travel, e.g. from Zermatt to Celerina, the flexi pass will come in useful.

    However, I still have a few questions concerning the Regional Bernese Oberland pass:

    1) On Day 5, I intend to travel from Wengen to Zermatt using the scenic route via Kandersteg and Brig. I noticed that the Bernese Oberland pass covers train journey from Wengen up till Brig. Is this the same route as the scenic route?

    2) If it is the same scenic route, therefore to continue on to Zermatt, do I just pay for the leg from Brig to Zermatt? Can I get the ticket for this leg at Wengen train station?

    3) Will the route from Lucerne to Interlaken covered by the Bernese Oberland pass be the Golden Pass route?


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    Hello geniewho,

    Great that you have made the pass decision! Since you’ll be buying both passes, you will get a 25% discount on the Regional-Pass. Both passes can be purchased together from the Swiss Railways webshop. As for your questions:

    1) It’s the scenic route that is included in the Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland. The faster route through the tunnel is not included.

    2) Yes, Brig to Zermatt needs to be paid for, unless you’re using a free Swiss Flexi Pass travel day. A 50% discount applies on any other day between the first and last free travel day of the Swiss Flexi Pass. You can get that ticket in Wengen.

    3) Yes, Lucerne to Interlaken via Meiringen is the Golden Pass route, and it’s included.

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