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    We will be staying in Grindlewald for one week in August. We will have a car to drive about the area. We desire to do numerous hikes in the upper mountain regions, and would like to use cable cars and trains as necessary to reach those areas. Do you recommend buying a pass like the Jungfrau or Bernese Oberland or half price card? And which hikes in the area are must do in this area? Thank you so much for your input!

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    Thanks for joining us, feedlotboy!

    Generally, a rail pass is more economical than buying regular tickets. Which pass is best, depends on the exact region you want to explore and the details of your schedule. In many cases a Regional-Pass Bernese Oberland is a good deal; if you want to focus on the Jungfrau region only, a Jungfrau Railways Pass would be a good option. These guidelines may help you determine which pass is best.

    Hiks are listed at http://www.myswissalps.com/be rneseoberland/activiti es. I’m not sure about your hiking experience. If you’re not used to mountain hiking, pick the shorter and easier trails. Many of them offer stunning views. Consider First-Grosse Scheidegg, Männlichen-Kleine Scheidegg and Grütschalp-Mürren, for example.

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    Thanks Anika

    2 more questions –

    we would like to do some longer 4-6 hour hikes as well . Which would you suggest ?

    and – does the railway passes cover transit on the chairlifts/gondolas in their respective areas , as we think we can drive to the base of these lifts and not need to use many trains. Would you still recommend a rail pass?

    thanks so much

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    Hi feedlotboy,

    The page Annika referred to includes all our suggested hikes, and allows you to filter on hiking time. There are only two between 4 and 6 hours. Beware that this is pure hiking time without breaks. So 6 hours is really long and such a hike should be started early.

    Please click “Where it’s valid” on the pass pages Annika gave you. That will show you what’s included. You may also want to look into the Swiss Half Fare Card if you aim to drive as much as possible. My suggestion would be however, to park the car in Grindelwald and use the trains. They’re excellent and an enjoyable way to travel. Traveling by car restricts you to circular routes or at least to travel back to your car once done hiking.

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