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Tentative 5N/6D itinerary for Swiss in March

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new member
Nov 7, 2016 - 10:53 AM

Hello everyone,

I am planning for for 5N/6D for my upcoming swiss tour.

I would be coming from Paris and will fly to Italy after my Swiss tour and return back to India.

My tentative itinerary is as below:

  • 18th March: Travel from Paris to Interlaken. In the evening roam around Interlaken. Stay at Interlaken
  • 19th March: Jungfraou. Stay at Interlaken
  • 20th March: Travel from Interlaken to Lucerne. Evening roam around Lucerne i.e Lucerne Lake etc. Stay at Lucerne
  • 21st March: Mt Titlis and then return to Zurich by day end.
  • 22nd March: Full Day Zurich and stay back in Zurich itself.
  • 23rd March: Leave for Venice from Zurich.

Any suggestions most welcome.

Thank you!


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Nov 8, 2016 - 2:17 AM in reply to darsh71289

Hi Darshan -

Welcome to My Swiss Alps.

You have made a good plan.. especially because you can change it if or when the Jungfraujoch is embedded in clouds. Having one or more days in that area is important, especially in a time of year with changeable and generally not very good weather, such as March. You have a better chance of good weather...which, by the way, can change rapidly in the high mountains.

Do you have specific goals or sights to see in Zürich? If so, great. The city is rich with culture...museums...old churches...If not, I'd spend the time in or near Luzern. Even there, the weather can be grey or wet...but there are more sights to see or things to do for the first time visitor than in Zürich.

www.myswissalps.com/lu cerne


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new member
Nov 8, 2016 - 4:37 AM

Thank you Slowpoke for the prompt suggestion.

The day when i reach Luzern from Interlaken, i can do few sightseeing on the same day. Next day Mt. Titlis and can stay back in Lucerne (if u say) or should i reach Zurich after i complete Mt Tiltis. What should be done?

Zurich, not specific but Rhine falls, Zurich Zoo, Lake Zurich etc.

Few more queries.

What would be more convenient for travelling within Swiss for this itinerary which i have planned? Swiss card or Swiss Half fare card or any other card which should i purchase considering i have to do all the above attractions.

Your suggestions would be of great help.

Thank you!


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Nov 8, 2016 - 8:50 AM in reply to darsh71289

Hi Darshan-

Please note that you are planning to visit Switzerland, not "Swiss." Swiss is an adjective in English; Switzerland is the name of the country in English.

It is a little confusing, because the name of the country in French is "la Suisse" and, in German, "die Schweiz."

From long habit, I usually choose to use "Luzern" for the spelling of the city, because that is what you will see on road signs and in train stations in the region; it is the Geman spelling, and Kanton Luzern is a German speaking region. Strictly speaking, I suppose, in English and French I should use use Lucerne, as you did originally.

<<"Zurich, not specific but Rhine falls, Zurich Zoo, Lake Zurich etc.">>

If you have to chose between visiting Lake Zürich and Lake Lucerne I'd choose Lake Lucerne.

(In German, which is the language also spoken in Kanton Zürich, you would say der Vierwaldstättersee, literally, the Lake of the Four Forest Cantons or less common, der Luzernersee. "Der See" is "the lake." in German)

Lake Lucerne is surrounded by mountains and has more varied scenery than Lake Zürich.

In March, the lake boats will still be on the "Winter 2016" schedule with limited service:

www.lakelucerne.ch/fil eadmin/lakelucerne/con tent/Dokumente_Downloa ds_PDF/01_Fahrplan-Preise/01_Fahrplan/Sai sonaler_Fahrplan/2017/ 2017_Fahrplan_Winter.p df

However, the main route that runs the full length of the lake from Luzern to Flüelen does run three times per day. You can get off at a some places such as Vitznau, to go up on the Rigi on a cograil train, or Brunnen or Flüelen to catch a train back to Luzern.

The Zoo in Zürich is very nice, but not very large. As such, it does not offer much "extra" versus what you might see at other zoos around the world, or in Basel, where the Zoo is much larger. One of the nicer exhibits at Zürich is the Asian elephant exhibit. Perhaps you are already familiar with elephants? ;-) Of course, if you have children in your party, a zoo is usually for the childen a welcome change from looking at boring scenery and old buildings. ;-)

I am the wrong person to comment on the Rhine Falls:

www.myswissalps.com/rh inefalls

Many people enjoy them, and in late March, the snow melt will be building volume for the water flow. I have seen a few water falls here and there, and visited the Rhine Falls once. We have not gone back.

We have gone back to Luzern many many times. Adults and children with me have never failed to be impressed by the Bourbaki panorama:

www.luzern.com/en/bour baki-panorama

commons.wikimedia.org/ wiki/Category:Bourbaki -Panorama

For many, the Transport Museum (das Verkehrshaus) is worth a look:

www.verkehrshaus.ch/en /museum/rail-transport

Zürich -

www.myswissalps.com/zu rich

I always enjoy a walk around the old town in Zürich, on both sides of the river, and many like to walk the well known Bahnhofstrasse for shopping. Opinions about old cities are very personal, but, I like the one in Luzern better. Since i always stay in the Niederdorf (part of the old town on the east side of the river, ) in Zürich, I usually walk around and enjoy it.

I can't help with material on rail passes. I don't know the details. Arno and Annika are the experts. I'm sure that they will jump in.

Luzern and Zürich are connected by frequent train service taking about 45 minutes. It is a nice ride, with views of the mountains near Luzern and the lake near Zürich. So, you can stay at either one and see the other, too. And, Zürich airport has good train service from Luzern. Among the trains, there is one every hour at xx10 that does not require a change of trains in Zürich Hauptbahnhof (main station). Easier to use if you are hauling a bunch of luggage. I do not know if you are flying or taking a train to Venice......

Rail service from Switzerland to Italy has several routes - two of the main lines fromthe Zürich/Luzern region are - Basel- to Luzern to Arth-Goldau to Chiasso to Milano Centrale, or Zürich to Arth-Goldau and thence to Chiasso. The lines cross at Arth-Goldau, and transfer between the lines is easy. The trains are stopped on opposite sides of the same platform.


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expert &
Nov 8, 2016 - 11:01 AM in reply to darsh71289

Hi Darshan,

You're probably best off buying a Swiss Half Fare Card. All information is listed on the page I just linked to, including retailers. If you want to make a detailed comparison of several pass options, please follow the instructions at myswissalps.com/train/ ticketspasses/practica l/chooserailpass.

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new member
Nov 8, 2016 - 11:18 AM

Thank you Slowspoke for the detailed explanation! I will definetely take your recommendations and work accordingly in my itinerary.

Thank you Arno for the help.



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