How to travel up to the Schilthorn

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How to travel to the Schilthorn

The Schilthorn can be reached by cable car only. There are two routes to get there.

The route

All cable cars to the Schilthorn depart from the town of Mürren. Mürren can be reached via Interlaken - Lauterbrunnen - Grütschalp, or via Interlaken - Lauterbrunnen - Stechelberg. We recommend to go up via Stechelberg and go down via Grütschalp. That way you see more of the area, and going up from Stechelberg is quite spectacular as you will ascend an impressive 2108 m in just half an hour. From Interlaken, it takes about 90 minutes to reach the Schilthorn, depending on the route.

Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen can be reached by train and by car. Stechelberg can be reached by bus and car. The rest of the area is only accessible by train or cable car.

Section 1, option 1: Interlaken to Mürren via Stechelberg

If you start your trip in Interlaken, you can best sit on the right of the train to Lauterbrunnen. You'll have a slightly better view that way. In Lauterbrunnen you take the bus to 'Stechelberg Schilthornbahn' (about 20 minutes). Board the cable car here. You have to switch to another cable car in Gimmelwald before you reach Mürren.

Section 1, option 2: Interlaken to Mürren via Grütschalp

First you travel to Lauterbrunnen as explained for option 1. In Lauterbrunnen you switch to the cable car to Grütschalp. There you take the narrow gauge train to Mürren. The cable car station can be found on the other end of the village, about 15 minutes on foot.

Section 2: Mürren to Schilthorn

The final leg of the trip starts in Mürren. You'll board the cable car and switch to another one in Birg. Then you reach the summit of the Schilthorn.

Just the trip up there is an attraction in itself!

Dates of operation

The cable car from Mürren to Schilthorn does not operate from 23 to 26 April 2019 and from 11 November to 6 December 2019. Services on the route Lauterbrunnen-Grütschalp-Mürren won't run from April 29 to May 3, and from October 21 to November 8 2019. Please check again later for further dates.

Tip: check the timetable before you start your trip.


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