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Schynige Platte

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Train Schynige Platte

Schynige Platte train going down the mountain.

Schynige Platte

Schynige Platte is a plateau in the north of the Jungfrau region. It offers superb views of the Jungfrau massif and the lakes.


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What is Schynige Platte?

Schynige Platte is a plateau near Interlaken, at an altitude of 1967 m. The ride to get there is an attraction in itself: a narrow gauge historical cogwheel train gets you up the mountain in 50 minutes, offering spectacular views along the way. The train departs from Wilderswil at 584 m. After the ride, you can enjoy wonderful views of the Jungfrau region, and if you walk a little, of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz as well.

What to see and do on the Schynige Platte

This is what to expect:

  • Wonderful views of the Bernese Alps, including the famous Jungfrau, the Schreckhorn, Finsteraarhorn and many more;
  • Lots of hiking options for even more views;
  • A restaurant with a terrace and a hotel;
  • An Alpine Garden with hundreds of different kinds of flowers;
  • Swiss flower & panorama trail, starting from the train station;
  • Alphorn players offer a free concert around lunch time;
  • The train also stops in Breitlauenen, half way up the mountain. This is merely a place to start hiking. There are no attractions, other than the views.


It is essential to check the weather forecast. There's no point in going up if clouds are blocking the views from the plateau. Dress in multiple thinner layers so that you can adapt to the different temperatures throughout the day. Take along sun glasses. Solid shoes are important if you also plan to do some hiking. We strongly recommend to do so!

Allow at least an hour on the top to enjoy the views. A quick visit can be done in half a day. With hiking included, a visit to Schynige Platte deserves a full day.

Did you like your trip to Schynige Platte?

If you liked the train ride up to Schynige Platte you may also want to consider the cogwheel train to the Brienzer Rothorn.

Insider tips Schynige Platte

  • Several train passes offer the ride to Schynige Platte for free;
  • Be sure to do a little hiking, not just the train ride. We don't recommend hiking up or down the entire mountain as it's pretty steep. A walk on the top will be very rewarding.

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