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Bernina Express travel packages

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Tours & packages

Below are (guided) tours and packages we found for you. Tickets for an independent trip can be found here.


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Bernina Express and St. Moritz tour from Milan

This is a long day that includes a scenic bus ride, time to explore Tirano, the scenic Bernina Express train route St. Moritz, (limited) time to explore St. Moritz, and a bus ride back to Milan.

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  • Attraction type: scenic trip, by train;
    scenic trip, by bus
  • Escort: mix of guided/not guided
  • Duration: 1 day or less
  • Details & booking: Viator.com

Bernina Express tours 2 to 3 days

Choose from various independent tour packages to enjoy the Bernina Express. Book 1 night to see the highlights, or 2 nights to see the whole route, including Lugano. You can add more nights to explore the towns (recommended).

Details & prices

4-day Glacier Express and Bernina Express Tour

You'll start in Zurich or Geneva. After a night in the alpine town of Zermatt, you'll take the Glacier Express to enjoy the scenery all the way to St. Moritz. The next day you'll take the Bernina Express for a ride via Italy back into Switzerland. Seat reservations, hotels & breakfast are included.

Details & prices

6 days of Swiss Panoramic Trains

Enjoy the Gornergrat cogwheel train, the Glacier Express, Bernina Express and wonderful alpine views while traveling across the Swiss Alps.

Details & prices

8-day Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

All the famous scenic trains packed in a week: the Golden Pass line, Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Gotthard Panorama Express and the cogwheel train to Jungfraujoch. Hotels, breakfast and a certificate of the "Grand Train Tour of Switzerland" are included. The tour starts in Zurich.

Details & prices

Best of Switzerland in 11 days

Explore nearly all of Switzerland, including the Golden Pass line, Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Jungfraujoch and the Lavaux vineyards. You can add additional excursions at a discount.

Details & prices
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