1-day travelpass details

1-day travelpass details

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1-day travelpass details

The 1-day travelpass is not the only option for extensive traveling during one day.

Saver Day Pass

There is also a Saver Day Pass. This is a cheaper alternative, offering the same benefits, but it comes with some restrictions.

Other than the 1-day travelpass, the Saver Day Pass is also available if don't have a Swiss Half Fare Card. The price is CHF 59 if you buy it one day before you travel, or CHF 106 if you do not have a Swiss Half Fare Card. However, if you purchase well in advance, these prices drop to CHF 29 and CHF 52.

Saver Day Pass restrictions

The Saver Day Pass comes with various restrictions. These are the most important ones:

  • The Saver Day Pass is only available from 60 days before you travel until one day before you travel;
  • There are no refunds;
  • Saver Day Passes can sell out;
  • If you do not have a Swiss Half Fare Card, your children will not travel for free as you do not have a Swiss Family Card in that case either. Please find other options for them here;
  • Cable cars and mountains trains are not discounted if you do not have a Swiss Half Fare Card. You will need to buy full fare tickets;
  • Prices are variable. The prices mentioned here on the page are not guaranteed.

Is the Saver Day Pass my best option?

This Saver Day Pass is a good option if you stay in Switzerland for one or two days and plan to travel extensively by trains, buses and boats. If you plan to travel by cable cars and other mountain transport as well, we recommend to get a Swiss Half Fare Card too.

If you stay 3 days or longer, a rail pass often works better than day passes. For example, 3 Saver Day Passes would cost you CHF 156, if you manage to buy them well in advance. With a 3-day Swiss Travel Pass of CHF 216 you will get the same benefits, plus discounts on mountain transport, plus free access to most museums, plus free traveling for your children. If you stay longer, rail passes become even more attractive.

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