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Swiss Travel Pass Flex details

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More details about the Swiss Travel Pass Flex

Read about what else is included, and further details about the Swiss Travel Pass Flex.

Free entrance to museums

On travel days, your Swiss Travel Pass Flex works as a Swiss Museum Pass too. Normally this is a product to be purchased separately. You can enjoy hundreds of museums for free.

Swiss Travel Pass Flex Youth: discount for youths

The Swiss Travel Pass Flex Youth is the discounted pass for anyone up to 25 years (inclusive). The Swiss Travel Pass Flex Youth is exactly like a Swiss Travel Pass Flex. There is no other difference than the price.

Swiss Travel Pass Flex versus GA travelcard

The GA travelcard (Generalabonnement) offers free traveling in Switzerland and is valid for at least 4 months. It is primarily for residents from Switzerland. People without a Swiss passport can not buy it online and need to purchase for at least a year. As a tourist, you can best buy the similar Swiss Travel Pass or Swiss Travel Pass Flex. These passes offer the same benefits within Switzerland. However, there are differences when traveling to other countries. For example, the Swiss Travel Pass and Swiss Travel Pass Flex do not offer discounted tickets to Austria and Germany.

Discounts on various events and day trips

Essentially the travel days of the Swiss Travel Pass Flex work much like the GA travelcard. That means that in most cases where the GA entitles for a discount, the Swiss Travel Pass Flex will entitle for that same discount. Combined tickets for events and other day trips include both the transportation and the admission, and sometimes other services. You will get a discount because the transportation is already included in the Swiss Travel Pass Flex.

Traveling 1st class with a 2nd class Swiss Travel Pass Flex

If you have a 2nd class pass you can still choose to travel 1st class on occasional trips. You can buy an upgrade ticket at the rail station. It costs half of the difference between the 2nd and 1st class fare for the route you wish to travel.

Who can buy the Swiss Travel Pass Flex?

The Swiss Travel Pass Flex can be purchased by anyone except for residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

More about train traveling in Switzerland

Information about timetables, seat reservations and much more can be found here.

Any questions left?

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